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Board of Directors:
Presidents                    Tony Wong             
                                         Sea World Fisheries Ltd

                                      Francis Cheung
                                        Grand Hale Marine Products.

Treasurer                     Vincent Pang
                                        Port Hardy Seafood Inc.

Director                         Paddy Wong              
                                         Paladin Int'l Food Sales
                                      Andy Xie
                                       Hung Wing Seafood
                                      Jimmy Chiong
                                         Oakridge Fish Market
                                      Thomas Lee
                                         Moon Enterprises
                                      Doug Zhou
                                        North American Seafood Inc.
                                      Paulo Demee
                                        Evergreen Int'l Food Sales.
Legal Counsel:
                                  Garth Edwards
                                      Barristers and Solicitors, Cohen Buchan Edwards
Advisory Board Members:    
Legal Advisor            Mason Loh
Technical Advisor      Larry Napper
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